Aging Authority-Referenzen

Healthy Aging and Prevention
Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

Older Adults
Office Of Disease Prevention And Health Promotion | Healthy

Nutrition & Food Safety

Anti-Aging Diet: Foods to Avoid and Foods to Eat
NYC Department for The Aging

Department for the Aging – Nutrition
Centers For Disease Control

Food, Meals and Nutrition

Health Information for Older Adults | Healthy Aging
Centers For Disease Control

Older Individuals
USDA – Food and Nutrition Information Center

Healthy Eating After 50
National Institute On Aging

Choose My Plate

National Institute On Aging –

National Institute on Aging
USA Administration On Aging

Aging Resources
Administration On Aging

US Department Of Health And Human Services

Healthy Aging | Mayo Clinic
Mayo Clinic

Healthy Living

Aging Health Topics

My Plate For Older Adults

Healthy Eating for Older Adults

Ageing and health
World Health Organization

Nutrition for older persons
World Health Organization

—UK Specific Sources—

Older Adults Nutrition
British Nutrition Foundation

Good food and healthy diet – Live Well